MIMICS (Art game for iPad)

Group poster

MIMICS is a ‘not game’, which I’ve developed for iPad. It is part of BUGS, an online exhibition curated by Netfilmmakers.

MIMICS is about teenage life and in particular the disguises that teenagers put on in order to hide their true identity, to gain social status or to shield themselves from emotional damage. The story takes place in a minimalistic dream world where magic and superpowers are part of everyday life. The inhabitants of the world are strange teenage creatures whose physique and powers are exaggerated manifestations of their inner emotional struggle.


MIMICS focuses on 3 archetypes: A girl who wants to become invisible, a vampire boy who uses disguises to ensnare his victims  and a boy whose fragile porcelain skin hides a violent alternate personality.

Each of the three archetypes have their own story which takes place in the same time and space as the other archetypes’ stories. They occasionally meet each other, and the meeting affects both their own story as well as the other archetype’s story. The viewer can choose to follow one archetype’s story from beginning to end, but when the archetypes’ stories occasionally meet, the reader may choose to ‘change track’ and instead follow a different archetype’s story.


The story is unfolded as a game in which the viewer has to find and activate key points on the screen. A key point may be an eye, a mouth or a character. Successfully tapping a key point activates either an animation or skips to the next page in the story.



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