FILTH (Nordic Game Jam Game)


FILTH was made during The Nordic Game Jam 2014. I made the graphics,  Eske Nørholm made the music,  Bram Michielsen wrote the story and Stefan Schwartz and a guy called Steffen handled the programming.

You play a photographer whose job it is to capture the most revealing moments in a celebrity’s life. As you progress in the game, your revealing photos gradually makes the celebrity’s life worse and as the game ends, you get to choose whether you want to rescue the celebrity from her suicide attempt or not.


Get the best shot as the celebrity walks down the red carpet!


The boss is giving you the mission briefing…


Why’s the senator visiting that sleazy motel? Could he be having an affair?


Alas! The celebrity is about to hang herself. Will you save her? Or go for the million dollar picture?


The game logo. As usual I went for a minimalistic typographical solution.


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