Midnight Girl

Our upcoming title Midnight Girl is a 2D puzzle adventure game for tablets and smartphones.

The game, which takes place exclusively in France, puts you in the shoes of a cat burglar during the swinging Sixties. The mood, theme and style of the game are inspired by Sixties cinema – in particular French New Wave films and classic heist movies.

Monique, the game protagonist, is a late teen tomboy living in Paris. She uses exceptional climbing skills as a cat burglar, but her criminal options are initially somewhat limited, as she lacks basic criminal knowledge.

She eventually meets a former master thief, who offers to train her in the art of theft in return for her stealing a number of specific items. This arrangement kickstarts Monique’s criminal career, and she soon finds herself climbing buildings and stealing priceless items from all over the world while expanding her criminal skillset.

The game focuses on story, atmosphere and character development. The gameplay mixes elements of climbing, stealth and strategic planning.

Here are a few early mockups:

Midnight Girl 1 Midnight Girl 2

And here are a few hand drawn sketches:

Midnight Girl hand sketch 1 Midnight Girl hand sketch 2 Midnight Girl hand sketch 3


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