The Flying Circus

The Flying Circus was the nickname for Jagdstaffel 11, a German fighter squad lead by the infamous Red Baron during the First World War. The Flying Circus wrote their names on their planes and painted them in highly saturated colours, so that the enemy fighters would know who they were facing. That’s powerful branding.


Lover’s Lounge

Lover’s Lounge was intended to be a matchmaking game for the Iphone. The plan was to make a casual game targeted at women age 30+. The basic game idea sounded fun, but a quick prototype soon revealed that the game wasn’t fun at all. After having tried tweaking the game for a while, we decided to drop the project. I think the characters turned out pretty good though.


The Dead

The Dead is an experiment. I wanted display extreme zombie gore but without actually showing the gore. What would happen if I let your mind create all the stuff you don’t see? The result is surprisingly poetic, and I learned to my surprise that I can actually get away with a lot of really disgusting stuff. I also wanted each silhouette to tell a story about the undead person’s life, their death or their undead adventures.


A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth describes a small team of adventurers who venture to the core of the Earth. I’ve been obsessed with the story since I read it in Classics Illustrated 138.


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