camillaapps is app developer Camilla Petersen’s one woman company. Camillaapps is a great company name, since it’s easy to remember and tells exactly what the company does.  Sadly the double ‘a’s in the center which are flanked by two ‘l’s and two ‘p’s makes the name slightly hard to read. That’s why I chose to differentiate ‘apps’ by making it pink. Pink also enhances that camilla is a woman, which differentiates her a lot from much of the app developer competition.



Abekongen is Kasper Syhler’s retelling of the classic Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, also known simply as Monkey.  My job was to make a purely typographic logo for the book. The logo had to be readable not only on the cover, but also on the narrow spine of the book.


House on Fire 

House on Fire is the name of my previous company. We chose the name because it expressed some of the core company values: energy and passion. I initially suggested a purely typographic logo, but everyone kept saying “Nice font, but where is the logo”?

I added an icon which shows a stylized image of flames coming out of a window. You can also see it as a box which has burst into flames.



Turkis means turquoise in Danish. I think Turkis is an awesome name for a company, and one night I tried sketching up a company logo. I’m still considering the name, but I’m really happy with the logo.



My upcoming game Final Girl was previously named RUHR after the Ruhr District in Germany. The game is all about horror, blood and gore, and I wanted the logo to reflect that. I wanted to steer clear of the usual blood stains or letters shaped like knives, since I find horror much more effective when you’re not being told to when to feel scared.


Logo Shop

During the Nordic Game Jam 2012 I had a small logo shop, offering free logos for the Game Jam contestants. I spent approximately 1-1½ hours on each logo.


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